We offer all sort of banners for every application and occasion.

  • Events: Fundraisers, Wedding, Birthday, Graduation, Reunion, Anniversary, Welcome Home
  • Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, more…
  • Business: Openings, Advertisements, Retail, Tax Services, Restaurant & Bar, Contractor, Now Hiring, Political
  • Real Estate: For Sale, For Lease, Real Estate Company, Open House, Religious School
  • Holiday: Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. What is your banner turnaround time
    A. Banner turnaround time is generally one day if you submit your own design. Order today, we ship or you can pick up the next business day. If you order after regular business hours it counts as having been ordered the following business day. When you receive your banner depends on the shipping method you select. Banner turnaround time is generally one to three days on banners needing design. Order today, we will send a proof in 1-3 days, and it can be picked up or shipped the next business day after completion. Completion will only take 1 day once the design has been approved.
  2. Q. How much will a banner cost me?
    A. Banner prices vary with complexity. We have capabilities to create any size or color banner from basic letters to full color prints. We offer the best prices around. Contact us for a free no obligation quote: 315-779-7446.

  3. Q. Can you make a non-standard size banner, for instance 2.5’x6′?
    A. Absolutely. We custom create all of our banners, and can be made any size you want. Standard sizes range anywhere from 1 foot tall to 4 feet tall, and anywhere in between, and can be made to any length you want.
  4. Q. Can you add extra grommets or change their locations?
    A. Absolutely. Because every banner is custom made, and the grommets are installed individually, the number of them, and the locations can be altered. We print every banner with an additional inch of material all the way around the finish size, which gets hemmed over with 2 sided tape and the grommets punched through for additional strength and quality. If you need the grommets to placed in specific locations, just let us know, we’ll make it happen.
  5. Q. Why do you accept only jpg’s for upload?
    A. Because jpg’s are the only file format the lends itself to online proofing. I feel a client must see an online proof of their banner when ordering. Your online proof is basically a large thumbnail of the exact file we are going to print.
  6. Q. Why do you recommend 100 dpi as the resolution for my banner print file?
    A. 100 dpi is more than sufficient, it is the industry standard for vinyl banners. Remember, these are banners, not business cards. The view distances are always beyond arms length and you can not possibly see the difference at that distance. Besides that, even if we were to print at 300dpi you wouldn’t be able to see the benefit because the scrim banner material doesn’t support high resolution printing. Finally, if you upload a file greater than 100 dpi it is just a waste of bandwidth as all files are sampled to 100dpi inside our templates before going to the printer. I am an Adobe Certified Expert, and I have printed tens of thousands of banners, I have tested all file formats and this is the straight scoop.
  7. Q. What printer resolution do you use?
    A. First please understand printer resolution and your jpg’s resolution are totally independent of each other However, both effect your banners appearance. That said, we print out premium banners at a print res of 1440×1440 and our intermediate, economy, and mega-cheap banners at 720×720.
  8. Q. What weight banner material do you use?
    A. We use an ultra gloss 13oz. banner material for all our banners.
  9. Q. Where are you located?
    A. We are located in Watertown, NY but ship nationwide.
  10. Q. Can I pick up my banner instead of you shipping it? 
    A. Yes, we are open to the public.